AutoCat Tool

Imagine being able to catalogue at the click of a button. Well this is what we can now offer you with our AutoCat tool available as an add-on to any of our library software products.

For a one off licence payment for your library (i.e. not per user) you can download bibliographic records from free data sources. We can offer Amazon, Hammicks and Wildy's as free sources of bibliographic data and images, and the COPAC libraries as a free source of bibliographc data. COPAC is a consortium of libraries and will include books out of print and every book deposited with the British Library, whereas Amazon will include books in print. For a list of libraries participating in the COPAC consortium see the COPAC web site.

We plan to add other free resources in the future and there will be no extra charge to you. You will receive the upgrades as part of your Distance Support or your subscription. In addition we will shortly include such enriched data as images, reviews and abstracts where these are available in the source data.

Even if you don't have a high number of catalogue records each week, the tool is yours to use for ever more and it will become more useful as we add more free or subscription bibliographic sources. It will also save you time when creating catalogue records, abstracts and other text entries.

You will soon have Return on Investment with this tool Ask us for a quote now.


Autocat Library Catalogue Screenshot


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