Giving back: the Buy1 Give1 scheme












Help us make an impact and give back

When we sell a new subscription, we give 300 days of access to the internet to children in need.

Improve the quality of education and expose orphaned children of Kathmandu to the world and wonders of the internet & online learning by paying one day's worth of internet fee. It helps to combat the issues of illiteracy and poverty, allowing these orphaned children to fulfil their dreams of continuing into higher education, finding decently paid jobs and their place in society.  

When we sell 1000 barcode labels, we given 2 books to children in need in India.

Realise the innate potential of many underprivileged children living in Bombay by donating a book to a library specifically built for their future. Books are the windows of the world, and are wonderful tools to impart knowledge. Every book that is donated will go a long way in expanding each and every child’s horizon, allowing them to explore the wonders of literature and develop into well-educated and responsible adults that can make a difference.  

When we deliver a training day, we given 5 days of computer training to people with special needs.

Further the capabilities of one blind or visually impaired person by imparting IT skills using the latest technology. Help the blind and visually impaired to upgrade themselves and integrated into the Malaysian community, as well as to help them increase their chances of getting employed and gaining independence.

When we deliver a technical day, we given 6 days of bookkeeping skills training to women in need in Africa.

Enable a woman business owner to successfully operate her business by providing a half day course to learn bookkeeping skills. This program aims to impart women who are establishing their own business with relevant financial literacy skills to record transactions, enabling them to support their families and contribute to their livelihood. Your contribution is crucial in ensuring the sustainability and continuity of this project to make positive impacts in women’s lives.  

When we sell a barcode scanner, we given 365 days of access to life-saving clean water to families.

Access to safe drinking water is the foundation for the issues of health, education, food, and livelihood. This water is provided via the means of a Bio-Sand Water Filter that lasts up to two decades or more and is able to provide for an entire family. A Bio-Sand Filter (BSF) is a point-of-use water treatment system adapted from traditional slow sand filters. Cambodia has over 9,000,000 cases of diarrhoeal disease, costing the nation $448 million a year. One of the easiest ways to combat poverty and disease is to provide access to clean water sources. 


All contribitions are given 100% to each project with no admin fees deducted. How is this possible? We give through Buy1 Give1 scheme.