PenLib case studies

System migration - the use of PenLib in a law firm library. By Mandy Webster, 2003.

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PenLib Overview

PenLib automatic library system for small libraries helps library and information staff to be more productive

PenLib cuts down on duplication of effort. No more wasted time entering data in a database, spreadsheets and manual records. The pre-configured finance reports included in the PenLib integrated library system mean your staff are not locking themselves away for days at a time to work out what they've spent. With PenLib, library staff can keep a close eye on expenditure and provide valuable financial information to management as often as required.

The whole organisation gains by networking the library catalogue

The PenLib small library software includes a search interface for library users that is based on web browser technology. This can be easily integrated with your intranet. By networking the catalogue, the whole organisation gains because they can search the library from their desk and everybody knows where things are.


PenLib library cataloguing software is a real bargain

Over two year's worth of developer time have gone into developing PenLib, that's easily £50K. You can buy PenLib and network it for much less than that. A real bargain!

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